Loss of job (income) or illness




Power Outage


Snow or Ice Storms


Food Shortages

Why prep?

ANY Budget Can Prep

Learn Skills

Improve Skills

Be aware

Learn to Save Money

Repurpose Items

Repair Items

Learn Redundancy

​Have a Plan B, C, D
If the "obvious" hasn't smacked you in the face just yet from the pictures alone....

Being prepared, provident living, "Prepping" can be simple to down right extravagant and costly.
BUT WHY PREP? We have everything we need at the store right? 
I can just get what I need if there is some emergency... yes?

If you wait to find out the answer to this question, you will come to face an ugly answer.

That hesitation may cause a lifetime of regrets... and it may be a very short lifetime indeed!

Prepping is not about fear of what is to come, it is about handling what is to come.

And.... "IT" is coming!  Like it or not. 
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It's NEVER Too Late
To Start Prepping

ANY Budget CAN prep

You DON'T Need
To Spend a Fortune

You CAN Learn To
Prepare Foods

Be Systematic

Be Practical

Buy What Your Family
To Eat

Most Expensive
Doesn't Always Mean
It's The Best

Ask any "prepper" why they prep and you will most likely get a different answer. Some have lived through financial hardship in the past. Others have winessed first hand, war or unrest in other countires. Others are "survivalists" waiting for the end of days or Zombie Apocolypse.

Yet, others were raised that way in their church to always have supplies on hand.
Many just are tuned into world events and want thier family to be as ready as possible.

Why should YOU prep? You will have your own reason. But in any case, you NEED to have at least 
basic preps to last out a 72 hour storm or emergency. 

Then we will work on 3 months supply. Then a year. Then several years. And sustainability too!