That Prepper Guy

Another "Prepper"site? 

Well....yes. WHY am I doing one?  I was asked to and I feel many just do not go give the average person the practical information needed to start prepping effectively.

Do you REALLY need food that lsts 25 years and is dehydrated? Thousands of pounds of wheat? tons of rice? Thousands of rounds of ammunition?

And where do you even start?
What does a "Prepper" look like anyway?

Look in the, let's get started
I don't have all the answers!

No one can claim to for your
personal situation, your location, your budget, your health and
abilities. NO ONE!

​But I offer you MY years of trial and error, success and failures so you may avoid many costly mistakes and irritations.
WHO is That Prepper Guy?

Iv'e been called a "Super Prepper"
by serious preppers I know.
But by no means am I a
crazy extreme prepper with concrete bunkers, scary dogs, automatic weapons, booby traps and specialized exotic training.

I started from zero, maybe like you are doing.

One step at a time. It's all important. Don't get overwhelmed.

But always keep prepping.
it ALL will make a difference when "it" happens.

What is MOST important?
Don't try to categorize.

For sure... Faith,Food, Water, 
Safety, Medicines and the ability to stay warm.

That list could go on and on and on and... START SOMEWHERE.


Most preppers will agree...
Main stream media (MSM) is NOT the best place to get your information.

While some alternative news sites are
"out there", I find some to have good
"nuggets" of info that usually ends up in the MSM eventually... These guys are just faster to cover news you may not hear of for awhile.  Be open minded and check several
sources to find concurrent information.


Here are some of the places I gather some
great information from. Yu may need to register and some may even have subscription fees. But worth every penny!
Your Weapon of Mass Destruction